Mentor & Peer Learning

Micro batches with just 3-4 kids

Peers encourage & motivate each other

Fun & Engaged Mentors

Love to spread the joy of coding

Encouraging the why to foster curiosity

Project Based Learning

Concepts Learnt through activities

Code to Learn, Learn to Code


Choosing the right course for your Kid is extremely important. So here are the courses offered at Totogoto


Age: 8 to 13 yrs

Ideate, Design, Dream Up & Code Up Your Game!

#Programming #Computational Thinking #Game Design

Scratch is a block Based Programming language developed by MIT. It's the perfect Foundation course for Kids. In this course, kids learn the logic of coding, complete fun projects and build a strong basis for future learning.


Age: 11 to 16 yrs

Learn, Engage & Master

#Advanced Programming #Logical thinking #Building Real world projects

Python is one of the most widely used languages ​​in the industry today. It applications are the fields of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Web Development etc.This Python course is intended for kids with some previous programming experience like Scratch, Javascript etc. The child needs to already be familiar with basic concepts such as variables, conditions, lists etc so that he/she can learn to code in a text based language.


Kids from around the world at Totogoto enjoy learning online and creating their games with us.

Don't take our word for it - listen to what our students & their parents have to say!


Daksh - 9 yrs old from Bangalore

Asteroids & player

Akhil - 11 yrs old from California

Run from Voldermort

Antara - 12 yrs old from Bangalore

Sunrise - A Platformer

Samyak - 11 yrs old from Chennai


Satvik - 11 yrs old from California

Sky Farers

Kruti - 9 yrs old from Bangalore

Dino Jump


The strength of Totogoto is it's Teachers.
All our teachers are experienced mentors who love to code!

Ajay Chandra B, Chief (ToTo) Officer

Started coding at the age 13 and that love has continued for 27 yrs. He wants to ensure that every kid gets inspired to love & learn coding in a fun & engaging way. He loves coding tinkering, breaking & rewriting Code! Headed tech at Amazon & Infibeam.

When not running Totogoto,

Swathi Komandur, Chief (GoTo) Officer

She loves taking on new challenges & learn with it. Successfully ran another ed-tech start-up that powers training institutes. Worked in the US & moved back to India to make a difference. Believes that today technology is the greatest equalizer across the world.


Why is learning Coding important for my kid?

In today's world, technology has become an integral of our everyday life. Introducing coding & computer science concepts to kids at an early age helps them understand and better absorb and consume technology. Many studies have shown that learning coding helps in a child's holistic development, improving their problem solving, logical thinking, and creativity. In our courses, we also emphasize of teaching application of Math & Physics concepts helping them absorb & understand them much better.

What is the best age for my kid to learn coding?

Coding is like learning a new language. So starting at an early age is good but too early is also not required. So we recommend starting at 7 or 8 yrs. Kids start with block based programming that are syntax free, fun and with an animated output that helps them learn the logical aspects of programming faster. Once proficient, can then move to text based languages.

Do you do 1:1 sessions?

We believe that team work and collaboration are as important as learning to code. In our experience we have seen kids learn from their peers. A lot of our courses also have group activities that help understand concepts better. But if you still prefer a 1:1 session, we are happy to have a conversation. You can reach out to us.

What if my kid is a little slow or the project takes longer?

Do not worry. We believe that each kid is unique and sometime even the best minds need help on certain topics. We will help the kids ensuring that they understand the concepts and are able to apply it, even if it means taking a few extra sessions at no additional cost.

Is there a certificate at the end of it?

Yes, Of course. We like to recognise the work of our totostars and the best projects also gets showcased to other students and in the totogoto community. We also share a personalized skills report that covers your child's learning journey in the course.

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