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In this Course, kids with existing programming experience on Scratch / Javascript can learn to write (text based) code in one of the most common & popular languages โ€‹โ€‹in the industry & gain valuable skills for the future. Python is a must-have tool in areas like Data Science, Artificial Intelligence & also used for Website Development, Algorithms for Autonomous Cars and more.

How will this Course help my Kid?

  • Apart from Python language, kids learn Core Computer Science & Linux Concepts

  • Significantly improves Creative Thinking, Problem Solving & Computational Thinking

  • Develops perseverance to break a large problem into smaller pieces & solve / code each of them

Age & Group Size

11 - 16 yrs
3- 4 kids per batch



Language & Location

English & Online (Instructor Lead)


48 classes
1 Hr each


2 classes per week
Flexible Timings


Advanced Scratch / Javascript


for 48 Classes

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Otto is our humble inhouse robot that needs to be given instructions in python. Learners go through a series of interactive and well paced exercises using python to help Otto solve its problems.

Learning Platform: Jupyter Notebook

An open-source web application that allows kids to create and share documents that contain Live Code, Equations, Visualizations and Narrative Text. It's flexible to configure and arrange the user interface to support a wide range of workflows in Data Science, Scientific Computing, and Machine Learning.

Learning Outcomes: What will Kids learn

Basics of Python

  • Getting familiar with Jupyter Notebooks - the explorative environment used by professional data scientists and machine learning engineers
  • Basic constructs in python - Variables, Loops, Functions
  • Introduction to various data types like Strings, Numbers, Booleans, Lists and Dictionaries

Standard Library and Packages

  • A tour of the Pythonโ€™s most used packages from its standard library
  • Importing new packages using the package manager
  • Organizing and reusing code

Introduction to OOPs in Python

  • Gentle Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
  • Introduction to Classes, Objects & Inheritance in Python

Core Computer Science Concepts

  • Introduction to various CS concepts to understand how computers work
  • Introducing them to topics like Files, Binary Numbers, Networks, Memory, Compilers / Interpreters and more!
  • Using these concepts to solve multiple exercises in Python

Project Based Learning

  • Hands on Learning: Making a complex project using multiple concepts learnt.

  • Projects are designed to mirror real world problems encouraging independent thinking & problem solving.


Kids from around the world at Totogoto enjoy learning online and creating their games with us.

Don't take our word for it - listen to what our students & their parents have to say!

Some Amazing Projects Kids will Code

A Facebook Messenger bot

Chatbots are magical. Here you will be building our own basic version of a Magic Bot, that sends users images, playlists, and generally uplifting messages to remind them just how amazing they are.

The Snake Game in pygame

In the snake game, the player controls a snake which gains points by eating fruits present on the screen. The snake grows every time it eats fruit. This is a simple yet exciting game to code.

A Face Swapping / Zoom Filters App

Kids many filters on your mobile / zoom or swap their face with their friends, celebrities or even animals. They build this simple application that detects certain points on the face and then replace it with filters.

Real-time Face Mask Detection

To identify mask-less people among crowds. Extremely beneficial now in COVID times where masks is mandatory. Here kids create a model that can detect people who arenโ€™t wearing masks without getting close.

A Photo Album Maker

Here kids take their most favorite collection of photos and generate a photo gallery. Eg: You can code a collage with your journey from childhood to now or an digital album of your favorite super heros!

Fun with Drawing On Air

One of the coolest and fun projects that allows you to draw in air. With this you can write stuff on your screen in air! How cool is that! Here kids will basically detects the colors whose properties they declare.


Ajay Chandra B, Chief (ToTo) Officer

Started coding at the age 13 because he saw a ball bounce on the screen and wanted to re-create it. That love for coding has continued for 27 yrs.ย He wants to ensure every kid engages in learning & truly be a joy. He loves every aspects of technology & headed tech at Amazon & Infibeam.

Even he is not running Totogoto, he still loves coding and spends most days tinkering, breaking & rewriting Code!

Swathi Komandur, Chief (GoTo) Officer

She loves taking on new challenges & learn with it. Successfully ran another ed-tech start-up that powers training institutes. Worked in the US & moved back to India to make a difference. Truly believes that change is the only constant & technology is the greatest equalizer across the world.

When not running totogoto, she loves running in the woods, hiking and anything outdoors.ย