Ideate, Design & Code your Game

In this Course, Kids build a strong foundation in the fundamental coding concepts by building a variety of games using the Scratch language. The kids are engaged with Hands-on activities in every session - learning, enjoying and building on the concepts learnt leading up all the way to the final game.

How will this Course help my Kid?

  • Expand on 21st Century Skills like Coding with strong fundamentals

  • Significantly improves Creative Thinking, Problem Solving & Computational Thinking

  • Develops perseverance to break a large problem (the game) into smaller pieces & solve / code each of them

Age & Group Size

8 - 15 years
3- 4 kids per batch


Beginner, Intermediate & Advanved

Language & Location

English & Online (Instructor Lead)


16 classes per level


1 to 2 classes per week for 1 hour each


None for the Beginner Level


for 24 Classes

Buddy Offer: Bring a friend and get 20% off

Our Approach

Starting with the WHY

Millions saw the apple fall, but only Newton asked why? Asking why shows curiosity and a want to know more. We at Totogoto encourage that curiosity.

Learning by DOING

Learning difficult coding concepts can be hard. So at Totogoto, every concept is reinforced by doing a hands-on activity.

Learning to THINK

Schools give answers to questions and encourage memorizing them. At Totogoto, Kids learn to think, create & solve problems creatively


Scratch Language & Platform

Scratch is a block based programming Language & an educational platform thatโ€™s developed by MIT for children. It allows children to create animations, stories, games, music & much more by using drag-and-drop block components that are actually units of code.

Learning Outcomes

Coding Fundamentals

  • Sequence, Loops, Events, Variables, 2D coordinate system for Graphics
  • Introduction to Boolean, Conditionals, Conditional loops, Lists & more

Creativity & Design Concepts

  • How to Draw, Represent Colors, Scenes and Sounds.
  • Design Thinking: How to design game levels, editing images & sounds and utilization of key design aspects

Applied Math & Physics Concepts

  • 2D Coordinate system, Boolean Algebra, Geometry, Gravity, Speed etc

Computational Thinking

  • Problem Solving skills: How to take a larger problem and break to smaller bit and solve each
  • Debugging Skills: Organization of code, how to read code, identifying the error and debugging it

Useful CS Concepts & Introduction to Algorithms

  • How computers work, how hardware interface with software & understanding data

Learning Activities

Name Dance

A simple animation that utilizes the x-y coordinate system. Kids are introduced scratch concepts which allows their characters to move, turn, create an event with a lots of effects and time the various commands.

Code your super hero

Creating a fun story with their superhero. Applying coding concepts like Loops, Conditions and Variables towards making their superhero fly. And conditions on when they can touch something or not and have heart points.

Wizard Calculator

This activity combines random questions, gathering user data and making a mini shopping cart code where they utilize advanced coding concepts like Operators and Conditional operators along with math concepts.

Maze Game

Creating a multi level game, player control & using broadcast. Students will create an advanced game by using and implementing all the tools they have acquired including: Scratch design tools, conditions, variables, sensors and much more.

Fun with Music

Every kid loves music and when coding is combined with music, magic happens. Here kids utilize the music blocks and coding concepts to create an interactive music app like the xylophone.

Final Project - The Game!

Kids code their game from Scratch using all the coding concepts learnt from the beginning. They use creativity in designing their game levels and logic & problem solving in building their game play & levels.


Kids from around the world at Totogoto enjoy learning online and creating their games with us.

Don't take our word for it - listen to what our students & their parents have to say!


Ajay Chandra B, Chief (ToTo) Officer

I started coding when I was 13 because I saw a ball bouncing on the screen and wanted to create it myself. The love & desire to recreate that game ensured that I learnt all the coding concepts over months. Applying difficult math concepts made me truly understand the subject. That love for coding has continued for 27 yrs.ย I want to make sure every kid learns it in an engaging & hands-on kind of way where learning is truly a joy. I love every aspects of technology & helped build tech in companies like Intel, Amazon & Infibeam.

Even when I not running Totogoto, I absolutely love coding and spend most days tinkering, breaking & rewriting Code!

Swathi Komandur, Chief (GoTo) Officer

I love taking on new challenges & learn with it. I successfully run another education start-up that helps training institutes run their centers. I worked in various sectors from Corporate to NGOs to Social and finally an entrepreneur.ย I truly believe that change is the only constant. So I love to evolve, learn and embrace. I believe technology is the greatest equalizer and in today's world it's everywhere. Understanding it truly helps. I feel kids are a treasure of knowledge and harnessing it is important and should be done the right way.

When I am not running totogoto, I love running in the woods, hiking and anything outdoors.ย